‘Bor-na-max professional’ acrylic primer ready to use

For smooth and porous surfaces
Inside and out
Rain resistant
Resistant to UV radiation
Moisture resistant
Shelf life 12 months
Application temperature from 5 ° C

The product is available in the amount of:

5 l canister

Use by date:

12 months from the production date specified on the packaging


Product properties

The primer emulsion is used for priming substrates made of concrete, cement, gypsum, etc. it penetrates the primed substrate deeply, strengthening it and protecting it against moisture. applying the priming emulsion under paints, adhesives and self-levelling compounds allows reduction of consumption of these materials. the emulsion makes the primed substrate non-absorbent. it is perfect for floor heating systems. the preparation can be applied indoors and outdoors.

It penetrates brittle and weak substrates quickly. it protects against moisture and reduces absorbability. it improves adherence of paints, plasters and fillers. it creates an impermeable coat.

Logistics information

Packaging type:
Collective package:
Quantity on a pallet
5 l
canister (PE)
1 pcs.
108 pcs.