‘Bosman’ latex primer base emulsion

For smooth and porous surfaces
Inside and out
Resistant to UV radiation
Moisture resistant
Shelf life 18 months
Application temperature from 5 ° C

The product is available in the amount of:

5 l canister

Use by date:

18 months from the production date


Product properties

Bosman’ latex primer is recommended as a base for emulsion, acrylic, and latex paints. the paint is intended for priming substrates that absorb a lot of water, i.e. gypsum plasters and plasterboards. the latex primer can be used for painting all mineral substrates in residential premises and public utility facilities. the latex primer primer paint is recommended for priming new and seasoned cement and cement and lime plasters. thanks to its properties it eliminates the differences in substrate texture and colour. the product penetrates the substrate deeply, improving the surface paint adherence and reducing the wear thereof. the paint coating is permeable to vapours and gases, which makes it possible for walls to “breathe” properly. application of the latex primer paint reduces significantly the cost of painting, allowing to achieve the expected decorative and protective effect while at the same time reducing the number of paint layers.

After evaporation, it forms a transparent film with very good adhesion to the cement and cement-lime substrate. The created film shows very good strength parameters, such as resistance to wet scrubbing and alkali. Levels and reduces the absorbency of substrates, ensuring increased paint efficiency. It protects against moisture and allows water vapor to pass through. It increases adhesion and ensures optimal drying conditions for surface products (prevents excessive drying) extracting water from plaster, mortars). Using the substrate for priming before laying wallpaper facilitates their subsequent removal during renovation of rooms


Degrease, vacuum and dry the substrate. Store and use at temperatures above + 5 ° C. The product is ready for use. BOSMAN Latex Grunt is applied undiluted with a brush or roller. In the case of priming gypsum substrates / gypsum finish surfaces /, the substrate should be tested or primed with the BOSMAN Latex Grunt solution of the priming emulsion ready to use with the paint in a ratio of 1: 1. Highly absorbent surfaces can be primed twice.

Logistics information

Packaging type:
Collective package:
Quantity on a pallet
5 l
canister (PE)
1 pcs.
108 pcs.

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