Quartz primer for tile-to-tile no-chisel bonding

Product properties

'Bosman' quartz bonding primer is an all-purpose priming preparation preparation with high adherence to substrates of all kinds; it is particularly recommended in case of smoothly boarded concrete and reinforced concrete elements with high density and very low absorbency. it can also be used on cement and lime plaster, cement plaster, gypsum plasters, and gypsum and lime plasters, and also on plasterboards. the product is used for proper preparation of substrate prior to execution of plasters, gypsum finishes, cement plasters, levelling layers, and thin-layer decorative plasters, and also prior to use of gypsum adhesives and bonding mortars. in view of its very good adherence, ‘bosman’ quartz bonding primer is recommended for ceilings

'Bosman' quartz bonding primer is a priming preparation with high adherence, ready to use. it is manufactured on the basis of a mix of synthetic resin dispersions characterised by high resistance to alkaline agents with silica sand and modifying admixtures. thanks to the silica sand content, after applying the preparation it is possible to obtain properly rough surface facilitating correct application and increasing adhesion of subsequent material layers to the substrate.

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