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Relax with "From A to Z" S.A.

We invite you to take part in our next edition of the Relax with "From A to Z" S.A. program. We have prepared two beautiful destinations for the next year. Our sales representative will provide you with more details.



In the next edition of our program, we will take you to Albania.

Albania is an incredibly picturesque country that offers tourists an extraordinary range of unique attractions. Albania is a country located in south-eastern Europe, in the Balkans, on the Adriatic Sea. Albania shares the border with Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro. In Albanian, the country's name means "Eagle" and comes from the eagles that once roamed over the mountains and lakes of Albania. Thanks to the magnificent mountain scenery, the bustling capital city and beaches that boldly compete with other Mediterranean regions, Albania has become a real Balkan hit. Here you will find extremely friendly local people and delicious food, ancient ruins, modern towns and small villages where time has stood still. Discover with us beautiful beaches, monuments from Roman times and delicious regional cuisine.

and we will take you to picturesque Mexico

A country in the south of North America. Its history goes back thirty centuries, there developed pre-Columbian civilizations, the largest of which was the Mayan and Aztec civilization, annihilated by the European conquistadors. Mexico is full of monuments and traces of its turbulent history, and its territory is ethnically, geographically and climatically diverse. Like its capital, today's Mexico is a cosmopolitan, eventful and fascinating country, because it is not only tequila, sombrero or mariachi music, but it is a mythical land that refers in its history to pre-Hispanic times, revolutions, joyful and colourful customs. Along with magnificent archaeological sites, there are stunning beaches, picturesque colonial cities, breathtaking landscapes, deserts to the north and deep jungle to the south. Discover Mexico full of colours, monuments and customs with us. . .