Indoor acrylic FOR EVERYBODY

For smooth and porous surfaces
Chemical resistance after hardening from -20 ° C to 70 ° C
Shelf life 18 months
It can be painted after hardening
Application temperature from 5 ° C to 30 ° C
CE conformity mark

The product is available in the amount of:

280 ml cartridge

Use by date:

18 months from the production date

Store at a temperature from +5 ° C to +25 ° C (in a closed container in a dry and cool place).


Product properties

Acryl /ECONOMIC SERIES FOR EVERYBODY/ is intended for filling gaps in concrete, plaster and bricks, filling scratches and cracks on walls and ceilings before painting, filling joints of plasterboards before finishing, sealing window and door frames, sealing and joining aerated concrete, and filling any cavities and gaps in joints of walls, ceilings, stairs, skirting boards and window sills

BOSMAN AKRYL is a practically odourless material, intended mainly for indoor use. It is neutral, and suitable for chemical coating with paints and lacquers.


Before starting work, dry, clean and degrease the joint or smooth surface. Cut the mouth of the tube above the thread. Screw in a nozzle cut obliquely to the width of the gap to be filled. Put the tube into the squeezer-gun. Squeeze out the contents of the container by pressing the plunger from the bottom. Recommended spreading time: 5-10 minutes.

Logistics information

Packaging type:
Collective package:
Quantity on a pallet
280 ml
15 pcs
1500 pcs.

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